I was looking for an alternative to prescriptions on a Google search. I was not satisfied with regular doctors who gave me limited advice and prescriptions to manage pain. It was only by chance that I found Thetford Osteopaths and I am so thankful that I did!

A few years back I called upon Andrew to help me with my sciatic pain. I felt instant relief after our first session and my sciatic pain disappeared completely over the course of a couple sessions. Thanks Andrew!

More recently, I called Daniel for neck, shoulder and lower back pain. Once again, immediate pain relief after first session. I looked forward to my sessions with Daniel, not only for healing and pain relief but for friendly advice on my overall health and improved quality of life. Thanks Daniel!

I hope I am lucky enough to find an osteopath here in Spain, with the knowledge and expertise as those I found at Thetford Osteopaths. I highly recommend Andrew and Daniel as your osteopaths. They are great people who are knowledgeable experts and love their work. All the best to the Thetford Osteopaths. Adios amigos!